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e.l.f. had a big online sale recently, and as part of a haul, I got a bunch of lipstick for only $1.50. Wooowoo!

The only thing I noticed and thought was funny, is that in all the makeup review blog entries I’ve seen regarding e.l.f.’s Moisturizing Lipstick line seem to have been made right when they were released as a new item (sometime last year?)

There seems to be new packaging now, which is quite a bit different; they happen to ship one of the colors in the old packaging which you can see side by side. The ones in the newer package do say they have 0.13 oz (3.8g) of product rather than the old 0.11 oz (3.2g) weight, so that’s also interesting.

Perhaps making the aluminum cases got too expensive, so they now opt for plastic tube with more product? 

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